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Welcome to VendorWire, the comprehensive platform connecting health system executives with healthcare vendors. Born out of a need for a centralized scheduling platform in the healthcare industry, VendorWire serves as a one-stop-shop for vendors to showcase their products and services, and for provider executives to find, evaluate, and schedule meetings with companies of interest. The healthcare industry is vast and complex, and we understand that finding the right vendor can often be a daunting task. Our mission is to make this process as seamless as possible.

Our platform hosts a diverse range of vendors offering services in various categories such as Clinical and Business Intelligence, EMR, Radiology PACS, Revenue Cycle Management, and Supply Chain. We strive to cover all aspects of the healthcare industry, ensuring that you can find exactly what you’re looking for, all in one place.

At VendorWire, we prioritize transparency and ease of use. We’ve designed our platform to make it simple for vendors to list their company’s services, and equally straightforward for interested provider side buyers to evaluate and schedule meetings. But we’re more than just a listing site, we’re a community. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, we are a small team of former healthcare software executives who were tired of the process of wildly asking for meetings and then hoping there is interest. VendorWire gives the power to the provider executive, to self-evaluate and schedule with the vendors YOU want to talk to. No third cousins who have a product to sell you, no cold call pitches, no trickery – you own the interaction with the companies you are interested in.

We’re constantly working to improve our platform and expand our offerings. We’re proud of what we’ve built so far, but we’re even more excited about what’s to come. We invite you to join us on this journey, whether you’re a vendor looking to grow your business or a consumer in search of the perfect healthcare solution.

Our team is always here to assist, whether you’re a vendor looking to highlight your company’s strengths, or a healthcare provider searching for the perfect vendor – feel free to drop us a message.   Thank you for choosing VendorWire. We’re glad you’re here, and we look forward to helping you find what you’re looking for!

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