Nowhere is it more critical to have the ability to use ALL available data than within healthcare. Clinithink’s solutions transform unstructured clinical narrative into structured patient information. Whether it’s to better understand a vulnerable population, highlight important phenotypes or to reduce the risk of denied claims for providers, Clinithink’s solutions provide healthcare decision-makers with better information and insight.

Founded in 2009 on the premise that unlocking unstructured clinical data within patient records and returning it as structured, usable clinical information cracks wide open the realm of possibilities to solve the toughest challenges in healthcare.

Within the Clinithink team, we bring together ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ who contribute to our knowledge base, build best-in-class solutions and expand our footprint in target markets where opportunities are plentiful. ‘Clinithinkers’ are self-motivated, focused, passionate and excited about changing the technology landscape by evolving cutting-edge approaches to solve tough business problems using unstructured data.

Clinithink offers a competitive salary and benefits package for its UK and US employees, together with support for ongoing personal development.

Spanning the UK and the US, we have offices in Bridgend, London and Alpharetta and we are looking for experienced, committed, creative, hard-working and ambitious individuals to join our team.

Software Development
Company size
11-50 employees
Includes members with current employer listed as Clinithink, including part-time roles.
Alpharetta, Georgia
Healthcare Data Analytics, Computer Assisted Coding, Clinical Natural Language Processing, Population Health Managment, Accountable Care, Electronic Medical Records, and Life Sciences

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