First Databank


FDB (First Databank) creates and delivers the world’s most powerful drug knowledge that ignites, inspires, and illuminates critical medication decisions. We collaborate with our partners to help improve patient safety, operational efficiency, and health outcomes. Our drug databases drive healthcare information systems that serve the majority of hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies, payers, and all other areas of healthcare and are used by millions of clinicians, business associates, and patients every day.

FDB CDS Analytics provides organizations with powerful tools to easily identify, monitor, and customize clinical decision support, ultimately helping to improve clinician user experiences and advance CDS impact.

Company size
201-500 employees

South San Francisco, CA

Medication Decision Support Solutions, Clinician-centric Medication Dosing Decision Support, Advanced Developer Solution Options, Drug Pricing Analysis Solutions, FDB Consulting Services, Item Master Management, Medical Device Database, Clinical Decision Support, CDS Analytics, Electronic Prescribing Network, and ePrescribing Network


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